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Change (y)our world

You deserve healthy lingerie without toxic chemicals.
You can eliminate all the hassle of single-use pads.
You save the world by keeping 1 kg of plastic out of the landfill.
You know our makers and everybody involved is treated with respect

and paid a decent salary.
Yes, you can feel good, do good and look gorgeous.

All brands deliver what they promise, but the styles, prices, materials and thickness differ. Our top favorite is miokoo in terms of look, material and use.

independent test in Knack Magazine

I just came back from holiday and wanted to let you know: my miokoo, so easy and so comfortable! I know what I am packing next time too! And for the trips by car and plane, I do not want anything else anymore!


What an incredible, super soft fabric! It feels like satin and is really like a second skin.


  • How does miokoo-underwear work?

    Every miokoo has built-in superpowers. Engineered to make life easier, healthier, greener, and gorgeous. Our briefs offer ultimate fit and performant protection.

    The combination of the fabrics in the gusset enhances the performance of each of them. The gusset’s
    different layers wick and dry, absorb and retain and stop and protect.

    This technology is the result of European expertise and savoir-faire.

  • How to take care of it?

    We recommend washing your briefs before wearing them for the first time; this will enhance the absorbency. After that, it is simple.

    1. Wear it

    2. Shower it (or rinse underwater)

    3. Wash it (40° gentle cycle - no softener - no bleaching)

    4. Flat-dry it (no tumble dry)

    5. Repeat by going back to the first step.

  • Why use a miokoo-undie instead of disposables?

    There are several good reasons for switching to reusable undies:

    - It is healthier:

    No toxic chemicals are used in the production of yarn or fabrics (100% certified by OEKOTEX Standard 100 - Class 2)

    - It is easier:

    No more hassle with single-use pads

    - It is greener:

    you alone can keep hundreds of disposable feminine hygiene products out of landfills

    you get packaging that is people- and planet friendly, no plastic

    - It is cheaper:

    You can save money by not having to buy pads every month

    - It is guilt-free:

    Your choice for miokoo shows you vote for a future where companies and consumers build a promising future for all people, and the planet. We promise you we build our brand on ethical production, ecological operations, and circular management.

Wow, what an eye-opener! So happy I discovered your underwear. I do not even realize I am on my period!


I ordered a miokoo for my 15-year-old daughter to test them. She is really very happy with them, so I am ordering more for her, her sister ànd for myself.


Thank you for the great undies. It is my first time wearing them during my period, and I have to admit: this feels great!


so many reasons why...

super soft - comfortable - healthy - performant - zero-waste - machine washable - vegan - no toxic chemicals - 100% certified - limited emissions - no more pads - ethical - ecological - circular - force for good