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Premium period-proof underwear

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more absorbent than 5 tampons

machine washable at 40°C

fully certified OEKO-TEX 100

100% European product

Really good period-proof underwear

A dry, comfortable and reassuring feeling. Gentle on your skin, hassle-free and odorless. That's what you expect from premium period underwear. Thanks to our extensive expertise and know how, you're in the right place with miokoo!

And we go one step further. Because we want to change the world, for you and with you. With washable period-proof underwear, that is and does really good. Good for your health, for the environment, for the makers and for everyone involved.

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Gold standard in period-proof underwear

Miokoo period-proof undies are super soft, but definitely not softies! Our complete collection is based on in-depth technological research and European expertise.

Each miokoo combines four innovative textile layers for long-lasting protection, and the comfortable compression ensures blissful wearing comfort.

Miokoo period pants layers

0% hassle, 100% comfort

Like every power woman, you undoubtedly have a laundry list of to-do's. So, no time to soak period-proof panties hours in advance, let alone wash them by hand.

That is not necessary! Maintaining your miokoo really is a breeze.

How it works

What makes our period-proof underwear really good?

No, we are not the first brand of washable period-proof underwear on the market. But the world's best! And we don't just say that. We want to make the world more beautiful. With state-of-the-art period-proof underwear that is and does really good. Good for everyone, throughout the entire cycle, from design to production, from packaging to recycling.

Discover why

The story behind miokoo

Kathleen Peers, founder & CEO of miokoo, literally did a happy dance when she tried period-proof lingerie for the first time
in 2015. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived when it turned out that no real sustainable solutions were available on the market.

“I do not want to compromise,” she thought, “I want period-proof underwear that is really good: for the users, for the makers and for the planet.” When she couldn't find it, Kathleen just started it herself.

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I wish I discovered it sooner!

"I'm so glad I got to know Miokoo. The ideal solution for me during
my period. Tired of tampons, cups not a success. Miokoo is ideal for me."

— Karolien F.

A pleasure to wear!

"I feel very feminine wearing miokoo, and it gives me peace of

— Anonymus

Thank you, miokoo

"So nice that I'm going to buy another one. Thank you, miokoo"

— Sarah P.
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