the world's best alternative to single-use pads


We are here to make people smile, all people involved in all of our processes.
We care about all who contribute to making the state of the art miokoo underwear you are wearing. We work with free adult individuals and treat them with dignity and respect. We care about our fans and get up in the morning to bring an extra smile to you as soon as you see your miokoo.

We fact check before we claim. We claim what is true. We ask for the certifications and do not rely on hearsay.


We believe in business as a force for good. This belief is at the core of everything we do, not only for smiling people but also for a happy planet.
Our product development, fabrics and materials, packaging, and processes are elaborated to have a limited impact on our planet.

We care about people and care about the planet, believe it is the only way forward, and the right and the responsible way to act.


We believe manufacturers are accountable for the products they design, create, and distribute, including those items after-life. That is why we run a take-back program. This means that, with registration on our site, you can send us your undie after using it for a minimum of 3 years. We will make sure it does not end up in a landfill.

For more information on the program and how to take part, please register your miokoo here. (


We designed an undie so elegant you will hardly notice you are wearing an incorporated hygienic protection.

The fabrics are supersoft, feel like a second-skin and are compared to satin underwear by our testers.


We found our fabrics in Europe. Our suppliers’ craftsmanship and expertise have proven their worth. We did not go for “regular” materials, but we had you in mind from the beginning of the design process. In partnership with our partners textile engineers, we have selected state-of-the-art fibers with an exceptionally soft touch and remarkable characteristics.


The remarkable characteristics become even more powerful by combining them smartly with each other. In that way, the performance of every fabric is enhanced with the presence of the other ones. We like the idea of 1+1=3, not only in our product development. Our medium+ performance has been tested in an independent lab and came out as the world’s best performing in its class.


Being protected every day of the month and not having to think about what is happening, when it could happen, or if it will happen is such an incredible feeling; it opens up brain space for other things, more exciting things you could do.
After all, being a woman should not hold you back from using your time and brain space for things you like to do, something you dream about… In the end, you hold power to change (y)our world!


Having chosen the world’s best alternative to single-use pads is among the first steps to a renewed self-confidence boost. Even from the first touch, you will realize that your miokoo is really something special. It’s like that best friend who always has your back, the one you can lean on, who will always be there, and who will never let you down.


Proud? Yes, proud, every time you wear your miokoo, some superpower of pride will be with you all day long. You are not only changing your life by getting rid of all the hassle, the stress, and the worries linked to single-use pads, but you are also changing your world for real! You are part of the change-makers limiting the number of single-use pads. You contribute to the education of young women who can not afford proper hygienic care during their period, and you are helping to clear the plastic soup in our oceans. What’s not to be proud of!