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Where to buy panties for menstruation in Rennes?

To all the women of Rennes! Here is an effective, economical and ecological solution to stay protected during your period: menstrual panties. You can make your purchases on our site and receive your menstrual panties in Rennes. Thanks to the online sale, we can make the delivery everywhere in France and in Europe. We decided to focus on land transport to deliver our products, in a more ecological approach.
Still hesitating? Be confident by choosing ecological menstrual panties that are fully certified by OEKO-TEX 100. The materials of our menstrual panties have been carefully selected to give you the most comfort possible during your menstruation. No glue or products that are harmful to your health. You no longer risk toxic shock and you can be as comfortable as when you are not menstruating... And that is a big deal! In addition, thanks to the technology of superposition of several layers, you will feel neither a wet effect, nor a " diaper " effect.

Menstrual panties in Rennes : how to choose ?

Among the many brands on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose your menstrual panties in Rennes. However, not all the menstrual panties are equal. To find your ecological menstrual panties, take care to remember the following criteria:

  • The materials: choose healthy and environmentally friendly materials. At miokoo, menstrual panties are made of recyclable fabrics.
  • The level of absorption: whether you have a normal flow or a heavy flow, pay attention to the level of absorption. At miokoo, we offer 4 layers that together provide anti-leakage, anti-odour, absorbent, anti-moisture and anti-bacterial functionality. You just have to choose the shape of your menstrual panties in Rennes, adapted to your shape.
  • The design: Just because you're on your period doesn't mean you can't be sexy! At miokoo, we have several menstrual panty designs. Each design meets a specific need, so that all women and girls can find their style.
  • Made in Europe: Quality guarantee, the manufacturer in Europe respects certain principles like the respect of the conditions of the workers, the transparency of the origin of the product. Note this factor to find your menstrual panties in Rennes.
  • The values of the brand: miokoo avoids overproduction by manufacturing menstrual panties on demand. Another value that the brand strives to respect is the aim to give its underwear a more circular use by recycling your old miokoo period panties.

What are the advantages of choosing miokoo menstrual panties?

The first advantage lies in the life span of our products. Miokoo menstrual panties are covered by a 3-year warranty and last an average of 5 years. It is a considerable investment when one makes the calculation on years of use. Moreover, when you use ecological menstrual panties, you can benefit from their protection up to 12 hours. Their absorption capacity is equivalent to 5 or 6 tampons. You can thus go about your business without worrying about going to the bathroom to check your menstrual pad or change your tampon. All this without the risk of toxic shock.

Let us also point out the easy maintenance of our menstrual panties. Simply rinse them with water to remove any blood that has collected. Then, you can wash them with the machine at 40°C. The drying is done however with the free air. Thanks to the durability of the material, your miokoo periodical panties resist to washings. It does not fade and its absorption capacity will not be damaged.

Finally, don't forget about its ecological aspect. In addition to the environmentally friendly materials we use in our design, you should also note the recyclable nature of our products. Send us back your old menstrual panties so that we can integrate them in our recycling program by recycling these different materials.