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Buy menstrual panties in Paris : our advice

The online sale opens the field of the possibilities for the choice of its menstrual protection, that makes it possible not to skimp any more on the quality of this last. At miokoo, we target women who want to take care of their intimate needs, by offering them ecological menstrual panties.

Our motto is respect for both your intimate health and the environment. For that, our range of menstrual panties is entirely made in Europe, in order to provide products that meet the CE standards. Our menstrual panties available in Paris benefit from the Oeko-tex standard 100 label, which guarantees the absence of toxic substances in their production. Thus, we exclude glue in favor of sewn seams (which remain discreet under clothing close to the body), and we integrate natural materials such as combed cotton, polyamide or degradable lyocell in the ultra-absorbent layers of our panties.

When you buy miokoo menstrual panties, you can rest assured that you will be safe during your period, no matter what your flow, with an absorption capacity of more than 5 tampons. Its four absorbent layers ensure optimal comfort and accompany you during your period regardless of your lifestyle or activities.

Choosing the right menstrual panties in Paris

Materials that respect your intimacy

To respect your intimate flora, the inner layers of our panties are made of combed cotton, polyamide and MicroModal, which ensure absorption and odor neutralization, while being comfortable and antibacterial.
To ensure liquid resistance, each panty also contains PUL and lyocell, while comfort and softness are guaranteed by the use of elastic and polyamide.

Beautiful period panties

If our panties help women feel good about their bodies during their period, they also adapt to all shapes and sizes. Thus, our panties are available from XS to XXXL, so that each one finds the panties which are appropriate to her.
Beyond their sizes, our models also differ by their cuts and their design. We offer high-waisted panties, with the sweet names of Grace, Luna and Coco, but also classic models, shorty or low-waisted, which will perfectly fit your morphology.

Menstrual panties made in Europe

We have chosen to manufacture menstrual panties that are made in Europe, which allows us to ensure that the working conditions of our partners are respected, as well as the design of the products. We also limit the ecological impact of transport, by favouring short distances from the designer to the customer and by using only land routes for the delivery of the panties.

What are the advantages of choosing miokoo for your period pants?

An exceptional life span

Unlike expensive, polluting disposable protection and low-quality menstrual pants, our menstrual panties provide long-term protection with a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Guaranteed 3 years, each panty is machine washable up to 40° and its quality does not damage despite repeated use and washing.

An eco-responsible approach

We want the life cycle of our menstrual panties to be in line with our values. That's why we have a circular logic, based on the recycling of our products. So, when your panties reach the end of their life, you can send them back to us so that their materials can be recycled. To respect our values of responsible consumption, our panties are designed on demand, in order to avoid overproduction and to limit stocks. Finally, they are packed in recycled paper boxes, guaranteed without plastic.