5% discount + free delivery for any 3
10% discount + free delivery for 4, 5 or 6
15% discount + free delivery for 7 or more

Create your own miokoo pack and get a nice discount

Write your own miokoo story! Put together a pack and enjoy a nice discount; panties for the night
(Luna), with a classic hip hugger (Fe), and the sexy Janice? That is possible.
Your personal combination of models and sizes will be packed exclusively for you and shipped for

Pack of 3 briefs

If you switch to miokoo, three pieces are a good start! You can choose from different models so that your period no longer determines which clothes you can wear. A high model (Coco), a low model
(Janice) and the hip hugger (Fe). You create your own pack.

Pack of 4 briefs

Are you also searching for a solution for the night? Then you can, for example, complement three
regular miokoo's with the night model, Luna, and secure your comfortable nights. Obviously, you can
also just go for four panties for protection during the day and at night.

Pack of 7 briefs

Miokoo’s biggest fan and ready to wear them your entire period week? Then this box with seven
panties is your ideal solution, with a smart discount of 15%.

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Why choose period-proof underwear?

It’s difficult to find the right protection for your period. The conventional protection, like the tampon and sanitary napkins, may cause irritation or allergic reactions. Others, such as the cup, might not be the ideal, comfortable solution for everyone.
Have you ever thought about miokoo period-proof underwear? Our panties offer effective and comfortable protection and contain no endocrine disruptors at all. They are easy to fit into your routine, are machine washable and will accompany you for many years to come.

Packs of soft, elegant and reliable period-proof briefs that support your health

At miokoo, you can select your personal set with your favourite period-proof briefs, you decide which model will accompany you during those days of the month. Period-proof underwear is relatively new, it came on the market around 2014, and it works just like a conventional sanitary pad, but it is a lot easier and healthier. Every miokoo is completely free from toxic chemicals, so your skin does not come into contact with hormone disruptors. Miokoo period-proof lingerie is a healthy, convenient and elegant alternative to your traditional protection.
No hassle, no odours, no worries about Toxic Shock Syndrome, in short, a carefree menstruation for many many years. In addition, we use ultra-soft materials in our period proof briefs, such as polyamide, combed cotton, and MicroModal. They make miokoo lingerie feel like a second skin. The hassle and irritation are finally gone, just like the endocrine disruptors!

Compose your pack, a smart way to get a good deal!

Buying a set of period-proof briefs is a smart way to make your life healthier and easier, whilst keeping an eye on your budget. Your smart investment in miokoo's ticks off plenty of things that make you happy. A miokoo lasts up to 7 to 8 years with a three years' warranty. This saves a lot on your menstrual budget. Miokoo is therefore a profitable and sustainable investment. If you use the pack’s promo, you can optimise even more:

  • Bundle 3 miokoo's, you will receive a 5% discount and free delivery;
  • If you buy 4, 5 or 6 miokoo's together, you get a 10% discount and free delivery;
  • When you buy 7 miokoo's, you get a 15% discount and free delivery.

How many period-proof panties are needed for a full cycle?

Not all women use the same number of tampons or pads per cycle, and neither is this the case with period-proof underwear. It is therefore important to know your monthly cycle. Do you have a heavy flow during a limited number of days, or a light flow for several days, more at night or mainly during the day? Take a moment to think this through, and afterwards you can easily decide which type (day or night) of underwear you require most and for how many days.
You don’t have to buy one pair of panties for every day of your cycle; if you decide to wash the underwear during your cycle, you can reuse them. Miokoo's dry exceptionally quickly; wash in the evening, dry in a well-ventilated place, and you can wear it again the next day.
Each miokoo can absorb the equivalent of more than five tampons. This was established by an external lab. Five tampons is quite a bit, but we still recommend providing extra protection in case of heavy menstruation.
If you would still like an indication of the number of undies you need, here are some tips: A set of 3 is an excellent starting point if you don't need heavier protection at night. A set of 4, 5 or 6 is a good idea if you also want a solution for the night and if you want to wear a separate miokoo during sports (Luna was specifically designed to help women sleep peacefully.)
We also have big miokoo fans who choose 7 or more miokoo’s. They use the lingerie almost every day. This way they also avoid pantyliners and never worry about unexpected periods, or those "oops" moments, again.

A set of period-proof underwear for day and night

Our period-proof underwear is designed to accompany you day and night. It is therefore important that you choose period-proof underwear that respects your health and that is easy to fit into your daily routine.
Miokoo's are elegant, and also beneficial for the health of our users and our seamstresses. Of course, they are also respectful of our planet. All miokoo's are made integrally in Europe with innovative, soft and high-quality materials.
From the beginning, period-proof underwear was developed to be zero waste. That is why we also set up a take-back program. If you register your underwear, you can return them to us when they need to be replaced. We make sure it is used responsibly in another application, and you receive a discount in return.

Why prefer miokoo period-proof underwear?

Indeed, there are already quite a few brands of period-proof underwear on the market, so what makes miokoo so special?
At miokoo, we believe that quality can change the world. Quality for us means that fit, colour and absorbency do not change, even after many washes. We assume that our lingerie can last up to 8 years, depending on the number of washes and how you care of the lingerie. In any case, every miokoo comes with a three-year warranty, so you can rely on your lingerie, the materials, and the expertise of our seamstresses.
You can put together each set of period-proof underwear from miokoo yourself; you know best what you need during those days of the month. Choosing from the miokoo collection, you can simply mix models and sizes as you wish. Fe, Coco, Grace, Luna, or Janice accompany you with confidence during your period.