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How to buy your menstrual panties in Namur

As an online shopping enthusiast, the internet opens up the field of possibilities for you in terms of fashion but also for the purchase of your intimate protection. A piece of lingerie in itself, menstrual panties are at your fingertips and just a few clicks away.

To be sure of the quality of your menstrual panties in Namur, trust the designs of miokoo. Specialized in ecological menstrual panties, our models are certified Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 2, guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances in their design.

Thanks to menstrual panties made in Europe, you can also be sure to have panties whose materials meet the CE standards and which can be delivered to you, by ground, everywhere in Europe. If our eco-responsible values are also yours, make a commitment to the planet as well as to your intimate health by choosing miokoo menstrual panties.

How to choose your menstrual panties in Namur

The comfort for your menstrual panties

Since menstruation is often not the time when you feel the most comfortable in your body, it is important to make it more pleasant with comfortable lingerie. To ensure you a protection without defect and with great resistance, our menstrual panties integrate four layers. Containing combed cotton, polyamide, or lyocell, these different layers ensure the absorption of liquids, the neutralization of odors, while guaranteeing a soft touch and elasticity to accompany your movements.

Feminine aesthetics

At miokoo, we give as much importance to the practicality as to the aestheticism of each ecological menstrual panties that we offer to our customers. For that, we provide them from size XS to size XXXL, so that each woman can find panties adapted to her shape.

In order not to restrict your movements, you should also choose a cut that suits you. Our models are available in classic, high-waisted or low-waisted styles to best suit your outfit and lifestyle. For an elegant touch, our lingerie comes exclusively in black, with small veil inserts and pretty feminine details.

The quality of menstrual panties made in Europe

Choosing Europe for the production of your menstrual panties means that you can be sure that they will be designed with respect to working conditions and logistics that meet environmental, safety and quality criteria.

In addition to respecting the workers, you limit the ecological impact of the transport of your panties, by limiting the shipping distance. In addition, miokoo ships its products only by land, further limiting the impact on the environment.

Why choose miokoo menstrual panties?

Long-lasting menstrual panties

The menstrual panties present a much better quality-price ratio than the disposable protections, miokoo goes further by guaranteeing you 3 years your menstrual panties even if the lifespan of our panties is estimated between 5 and 7 years and thus accompany you during very many menstrual cycles.
Easy to maintain, our panties are machine washable and dry quickly in the open air. To preserve their impeccable quality, please do not exceed 40° in the machine and do not tumble dry. The free air will be enough to dry them so that you can reuse them very quickly!

Ecological and durable menstrual panties

Make your miokoo panties last longer and longer thanks to the circular logic that we have put in place. Indeed, once the time of use of your panties is over, you don't have to throw them in the garbage, but rather recycle them in a proper way. Thanks to its recyclable materials, we recover your used panties in order to decompose them and make new uses of them.