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How it works

Your miokoo eliminates all the hassle linked to single-use pads. You will feel protected and will no longer have to stress about being on your period, having pads in your bag or at the office, or stocked in the bathroom.The technical part has been designed to combine performant protection with an ultimate fit, original design, and happy people.

The technology

There are 3 layers of fabrics, the first one wicks, and dries, the second one absorbs and retains, and the third one stops and protects.All of them are the result of European expertise and savoir-faire.This miokoo-EFCT-technology has been tested by a third party and is world-class in absorbency. It can replace up to 6 tampons.

How to take care of it

Wear it

You wear it for up to 12 hours like you would wear your regular lingerie, and you will feel protected and confident. It is worry-free lingerie that eliminates your stress about single-use pads. It can absorb the equivalent of up to 6 tampons. Essential information; all fabrics and elastics built in your miokoo are certified OEKOTEX Standard 100 - Class 2, for use on skin, so no toxic chemicals are close to your body.

Wash it 

As we realize nobody has got time to add another chore to the long, daily to-do list, we ensured that your miokoo would easily fit into your busy routine. You just rinse it after wearing it, the easiest way to do that is simply in the shower, and after that, you add it to your regular laundry (dark colors). That's all. It dries really quick, which means that it will not take very long for your miokoo to be ready to wear again. (40° - no softener - hang to dry)

Do it again 

Your miokoo has been developed with longevity in mind and will last for several years. After those years, you can return her to us; we will make sure she does not end up in a landfill and gets a beautiful afterlife.