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Where to buy your menstrual panties in Grenoble ?

Concerned about your intimate health, you have long since given up the idea of buying disposable pads to protect yourself during your period. You are now convinced by the benefits of menstrual panties. But be careful not to choose just any of the many offers available online! For the creation of our menstrual panties, we questioned ourselves on the design of the models available on the specialized sites.

Wishing to be respectful of your intimacy as well as of the environment, we turned to ecological materials. Our models are free of harmful substances for menstrual panties made in Europe in order to have a control of their conception and the logistics which they involve.

This way we can offer you quality products, which represent a sustainable investment in the long term. By choosing miokoo panties, you are sure to get durable products over time, guaranteeing you savings, where intimate protection represents a significant cost for all women.

Choose your menstrual panties in Grenoble

Comfortable and aesthetic menstrual panties

During your period, it is essential to feel comfortable in your menstrual underwear. For that, we propose a range of models of menstrual panties with classic cuts, high or low waist. Be even sexy, with chic black models, with veiling. You will find cuts adapted to your body type to maintain your confidence in your femininity. Be sure to find a model that fits you, our panties being designed from size XS to size XXXL.

To guarantee comfort in all circumstances, our menstrual panties are made of a mixture of combed cotton, polyamide, MicroModal, elastane, lyocell and PUL. A clever mix that guarantees protection, resistance and softness without compromises!

Menstrual panties made in Europe

To propose you ecologic period panties, we make them with materials respectful of the environment and we privilege a local trade. Indeed, our models are 100 % made in Europe, in order to make sure that our materials meet the CE criteria and that our models are made in the respect of the working environment. This also allows us to limit the ecological impact of their transport.
What are the advantages of miokoo menstrual panties?

A long-lasting menstrual panty

Easy to care for, our menstrual panties are machine washable at 40°, without the risk of affecting the quality of the materials or the color of your underwear.
Well maintained, your miokoo panties will accompany you for years thanks to their 3-year guarantee and their lifespan of between 5 and 7 years. Don't worry about running out of protection and save money with our high quality menstrual pants.

Ecological menstrual panties, in line with your values

Through our designs, we advocate eco-responsible values that we hold dear. That's why we produce menstrual panties in a circular logic. They are also certified Oeko-Tex (standard 100, class 2), guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances.

If we expand internationally, we limit ourselves to the European sector in order to be certain of the quality of the finished products. This also facilitates our exchanges with our various partners who participate in the design of our menstrual panties. To go further, send us back your menstrual panties which arrive at the end of life. They are then entirely recycled to allow other uses, and to be in agreement with our zero waste policy.
Finally, our panties are made on demand, to avoid overproduction and mass consumption.