5% discount + free delivery for any 3
10% discount + free delivery for 4, 5 or 6
15% discount + free delivery for 7 or more

Your order is manually packed in our zero-waste loft. In this way, a final quality and quantity check can be done, and you can be sure your miokoo lingerie is taken well care off.

Orders are sent out on Tuesdays; orders until Monday midnight will be added to the "miokoo-departure" on the following day. If the Tuesday is a bank holiday in Belgium, orders are sent the first working day following this official day off.

Once DPD, our preferred partner, picks up your order, you will receive an email with tracking information.

Transport and delivery of internet orders have a considerable ecological footprint. That is why we opted for standard CO2-neutral delivery on the European continent.

Hereunder, you will find the standard delivery costs/order (VAT incl.) for:

• Belgium: €8

• France: €12.5

• Germany: €9,50

• Luxembourg: €11,50

• The Netherlands: €9,50

If you want your order to be sent the next working day (instead of the next Tuesday), we offer the possibility for an express shipment, here are the costs/order (VAT incl.):  

• Belgium: €12

• France: €16,5

• Germany: €13,50

• Luxembourg: €15,50

• The Netherlands: €13,50

Kindly note that the free delivery promotion always refers to a standard shipment. 

Do you live in another country in the EU? Please email us (say.hi@miokoo.com), and we will be happy to send your miokoo's to you!