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Buy your menstrual panties in France

During your period, your worries will now be gone by choosing menstrual panties in France. Although there are many menstrual panties on the market, those made in Europe or made in France will give you more peace of mind. The miokoo underwear meets this criterion, which involves much more than quality. miokoo menstrual panties are made with fabrics from fair trade European suppliers. It is the guarantee of a product traceable and aligned with your values and ours!

Our menstrual panties made in Europe are also certified Oeko-tex standard 100 class 2. No chemical product will alter or disturb your vaginal flora. To get a menstrual panty in France, make your purchases online via our official website. You just have to know your size. You should know that each menstrual brief is adapted to a well-defined situation. For example, the Coco model is a high-waisted menstrual brief, also suitable for the post-partum period.

How to choose well your menstrual panties in France ?

In order not to make a mistake in the choice of your ecological menstrual panties, note certain criteria. First of all, there are the materials. At miokoo, the fabrics which compose the menstrual panties are chosen with the greatest care. You will benefit from the softness of cotton, but also from the functional characteristics of each component. These include polyamide, Lyocell and MicroModal. Each material is tested to avoid discomfort during your period. And we made the choice to produce our panties in Europe to have more transparency on the respect of the working conditions, throughout the manufacturing process of the miokoo menstrual panties.

We have several models adapted to each situation. Thus, Grace, Luna or Coco will be your favorites if you like high waist! Just like the other models, they provide protection for up to 12 consecutive hours. Thanks to its ultra-fast drying system, the Janice low-rise period panties, as well as all the other models, protect you throughout your activity. You can also spot your eco-friendly menstrual panties by checking the size or even the fit. For the night, you can also count on Luna to avoid all the nightly period leaks. High or low waist, there is something for everyone! You can also choose Coco or Fe depending on the cut and design you prefer.

Why choose miokoo underwear for your period?

No matter your age, no matter your flow and no matter where you are, miokoo panties are a healthy and economical protection alternative. It's a known fact that period panties are more expensive at first purchase, compared to conventional menstrual protection. But for a woman, it is a real investment for the future. According to scientists, a woman must, on average, live through 450 menstrual cycles, from puberty to menopause. Menstrual pants are a more ecological and comfortable alternative for all women. If you follow our care instructions, your miokoo menstrual panties made in Europe are guaranteed for 3 years and can last up to 7 years or more. Miokoo has carefully selected the materials that make up its menstrual panties to ensure you a product of great quality.

Moreover, making this choice is also respecting the environment. By this small action, you limit the production of waste. At miokoo, our panties are recyclable. You can send us back your worn out menstrual panties so that they can integrate our circular economy circuit. Finally, a menstrual panty requires little maintenance. Rinse them with water before putting them in the washing machine. You can handwash them if you prefer. Don't forget to air dry your menstrual lingerie.