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Where to buy menstrual panties in Belgium?

Menstrual panties are a safe hygienic protection for every woman. Wondering how and where to buy your menstrual panties in Belgium? Ordering online is easy today, you can choose the brand, model and type of menstrual panties that suits you by having a wide choice.

As for our miokoo menstrual panties, they can be delivered anywhere in Europe. Unlike pads or tampons, you don't have to throw them away after use. They can be washed and reused easily. By wearing them, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste generated by conventional menstrual protection. Entirely made in Europe, our menstrual panties contribute to the respect of the environment and are certified OEKO TEX standard 100 class 2. This label guarantees that they do not contain any chemical product likely to irritate or damage your skin. We do not use glue either, because it is a risk as to the presence of chemical products. Also note that our menstrual panties in Belgium are made, among other things, with natural vegetable fibers so that they do not contain any harmful substances. Once you have placed your order, we take care of the delivery to the address you have given us.

Make the right choice for your menstrual panties in Belgium

When choosing your ecological menstrual panties, take the time to define your preferences. We offer different models, all made with soft touch fabrics. The miokoo ecological menstrual panties work thanks to four absorbent layers and specific materials, almost invisible. They come in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXXL. Each woman can find the model that suits her and her size. You can choose on our site the model of your choice, adapted to your clothing style, for the day or for the night. Far from being too bulky, our menstrual panties made in Europe are light, sexy, ultra-feminine and efficient lingerie.

Our panties are sewn in Portugal, using fabrics made in Belgium and France. The working conditions in which our partners design our menstrual panties are in accordance with European standards. You order your ecological menstrual panties while helping to promote European-made products. The traceability of the manufacture constitutes an additional guarantee, in terms of quality and environmental protection, thanks to qualified employees. Our menstrual panties are made of polyamide, combed cotton and MicroModal for the absorbent layers. Note that its effectiveness, during 12 hours, is equivalent to that of 5 tampons, without the constraints of the latter.

Why choose miokoo menstrual panties?

Wearing menstrual panties means many advantages: you contribute to reducing the waste of traditional menstrual protection (tampons, pads). You spend your days in the greatest comfort, your period panties are worn without problem during 12 successive hours. It has an innovative absorption capacity thanks to the four layers that make up its center. You don't have to worry about leakage, smell or discomfort. We offer a 3-year warranty for every panty purchased. The life of a miokoo menstrual underwear can go up to 5 years, before replacing it. It is even possible, depending on the person, to make it last 7 years!
Moreover, the maintenance of each menstrual panties is very simple. You remove them like ordinary panties at the end of the day. Then, you just have to rinse them with clear water, under the tap or the shower. Then wash them in the washing machine at 40° C with the same colored clothes and let them dry in the open air. The miokoo menstrual panties are designed not to deform in the wash, they do not lose their absorption qualities, they remain comfortable and pleasant to wear for years. After these years of use, before