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Buy your period panties in Brussels

You live in Brussels? Are you looking for a comfortable, efficient and ecological menstrual panty? Thanks to online shopping, you can access a wide range of menstrual panties. Faced with the diversity of menstrual panties offered, it is sometimes difficult to decide. On our site, you will have access to an extensive selection of menstrual panties made in Europe. Designed in Belgium, then sewn in Portugal, they are both comfortable and effective. Thanks to our unique technology, you benefit from protection against leaks, odors, bacteria and irritation.

Whether you live in Brussels or its suburbs, you can order your ecological menstrual panties with miokoo and receive them as soon as possible. We deliver everywhere in Europe by using road transport in order to limit our CO2 emissions. In addition to being attentive to environmental issues, our brand also pays particular attention to the quality standards that apply in the European area. This is why all our products are certified Oeko-tex standard 100 Class 2. This certifies the non-toxicity of the materials used in the manufacture of our menstrual briefs. In concrete terms, they do not cause itching, allergies or irritations.

Our advice to choose your menstrual panties in Brussels

To fully enjoy your days during your period, it is imperative to choose your menstrual panties with care. Accordingly, one of the first criteria to be taken into consideration, is the quality of its materials. These must, indeed, ensure an optimal absorption of your flows while limiting the bad smells and by avoiding the leaks. To offer you the best experience possible, our menstrual panties are composed of 4 layers, each ensuring a specific function. The first layer contains combed cotton to protect your skin and transfer moisture to the second layer. The second layer absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors and bacteria. It is made of combed cotton and MicroModal. The third layer prevents leaks thanks to PUL or Polyurethane Laminate. As for the fourth, it ensures softness and elasticity thanks to its blend of elastane and polyamide. Another criterion to take into account in the choice of your menstrual panties made in Europe, is the size. It must be adapted to your body shape to guarantee comfort, freedom and discretion. At miokoo, you can find a wide selection of sizes and cuts ranging from high waist models to low waist versions, including panties for sports and postpartum.

Opt for miokoo menstrual panties

Having menstrual panties delivered to you in Brussels by miokoo means combining quality and ecology. In addition to being made of easily traceable and reliable materials, our menstrual panties are also recyclable. At the end of their life cycle, you can return them to us. In exchange for a voucher, we will be happy to take them back and integrate them into our circular logic.

With miokoo, you limit your waste while working towards cleaner menstrual protection. Note that you can also save money. Our menstrual pants come with a 3-year warranty and a 5-year lifespan, meaning that you won't have to spend a cent on menstrual protection for 60 months. It can even last up to 7 years if you take special care of it. Fortunately, it doesn't require much effort. All you have to do is rinse them with water before putting them in the machine at 40°C and then air drying them. Finally, you can wear them for up to 12 hours at a time, day or night.