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Where to buy menstrual panties in Bordeaux ?

Every woman now has the choice of a menstrual protection that respects her intimacy and meets ecological values. The online offer is wide enough to find the protection which corresponds to you, without neglecting the aestheticism of your menstrual panties. In any case, this is the guarantee made by miokoo, with menstrual panties made in Europe, elegant and comfortable and free of toxic substances.

Knowing that disposable protection is not for you, it is not always obvious what menstrual panties are made of. At miokoo, we make sure that you know exactly what you are wearing. By buying menstrual panties in Bordeaux through miokoo, you are taking an ecological approach, each of our models being certified Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 2.

Their design favors natural and recyclable materials, while their transport through Europe by land limits the ecological impact. Finally, to meet these eco-responsible values, we recycle our panties, this being possible thanks to the materials that compose them.

Choosing your menstrual panties in Bordeaux: what criteria?

Materials of quality for your intimacy

Concerned about your intimacy, each ecological menstrual brief has four layers, designed in combed cotton, polyamide, MicroModal, PUL, biodegradable lyocell and elastane. These different materials ensure the absorption of fluids, the evacuation of odors, but also the resistance to liquids and an optimal comfort when you wear it.

All our models are recyclable and preserve your intimacy. To respect these criteria, our panties are also guaranteed without glue, using sewn seams.

A fit adapted to your needs

Beyond a protection for menstruation, the menstrual panties are also a piece of lingerie. To ensure you stay dry, we offer different models to meet your needs.
You have the choice of a classic cut, a low waist model or a high waist model, to be varied according to the outfit you wear. Our different models are black, both chic and simple, and are available from size XS to size XXXL to fit all body types.

Menstrual panties made in Europe

For our productions, we choose European partners, in order to be sure to work with qualitative materials and respect the working conditions of the employees. By opting for a local design, we also limit the ecological impact of the transport of our panties. Finally, thanks to the recyclable materials used, our panties are infinitely reusable.

Why choose miokoo period panties?

The guarantee of long-lasting period pants

With a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, our miokoo panties will last you through many periods. Guaranteed for 3 years and resistant to all tests, they will protect you for a long time and will be easily maintained thanks to machine washing at 40°. Despite regular use and machine washing, you can be sure to keep the same quality, without the risk of fading or distorting the cut.

Miokoo for ecological menstrual panties

Your panties are coming to the end of their life ? Miokoo thinks of everything and proposes to recover your used models to recycle them. We work in a circular logic so that our panties are not thrown away, but recycled to make new uses.

This way of working was thought out well before the creation of our models in order to answer our eco-responsible values and to put in place all the necessary logistics to answer them. It is in this sense that we use innovative materials, limit transportation for the delivery of our products and favor transportation by land.