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About us

Welcome to miokoo!

Have you ever been frustrated with an item you bought, and afterward, you learn that the product is unhealthy for yourself, makes the makers suffer while making it, and harms the planet?

I know how you feel; thoughtful silence, original copywriting, and creative marketing made me feel frustrated with the way we, as consumers, are lured into buying things without knowing the real impact they have on others, on the planet, and on ourselves.

The Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 was my wake-up call. On that day started my journey towards a more healthy, happy, and honest wardrobe. During my research, I learned that a significant part of this industry is/was hidden from consumers. We are not adequately informed on the human cost, environmental cost, or health consequences while wearing chemically treated clothes. And so, I became an advocate for a fashion industry that helps all people move forward and futureproofs life on this planet. 

Fast forward to 2019 when I won a spot in "The Bridge Fashion Incubator"; I wanted to go ethical, ecological, and circular with period-proof lingerie. So not only save the world from millions of single-use pads, but also do it with a business that is a force for good, and so miokoo was born...

After spending 18 months in product development, C-virus lockdown, and preparing the launch, we came on the market on International Women's Day 2021 with the world's best alternative to single-use pads.

Every miokoo is made to keep your life easy, healthy, green, and gorgeous. We are building a company that will challenge the status-quo with

>>> a product that will change your life
>>> operations that are ethical, ecological, and circular
>>> a purpose of fighting period poverty
>>> a pledge to help clear the plastic soup in our oceans

All backed up with the firm belief that clothes and fashion are the ultimate change catalyst in (y)our power to change the world.

With the softest fabrics, ultra-performant technology without toxic chemicals, fair labor practices, and built-in circularity, we make sure makers, users, and our planet benefit from what we do every day. We build the world's best alternative to single-use pads. PERIOD.

Let's change (y)our world.
With much love,

founder & ceo

mission & vision

We are in business to (help) to change the world.
We believe in business as a force for good.
Together with you, we are on a journey towards a more balanced world.
We consider business, products, and life from different angles.
We are curious.
We dare to ask difficult questions, think and act differently, and we dare to dream.
In the miokoo-world, there are no corners related to gender, ethnicity, age, partner choice...
We boldly dream of a diverse world where everybody can reach his/her/their full potential.

This is what you can expect from us @ miokoo; this is our promise to you:
1. You get state-of-the-art lingerie (first in class absorption and quality)
2. With a positive impact on people (ethical)
3. With a limited impact on our planet (ecological)
4. With a passion to constantly aim for better (innovative)
5. With a drive to fight period poverty and protect our oceans (give back)

the journey up to now

1. 2017: #whomademyclothes a campaign by Fashion Revolution
2. 2019: workshop circular design
3. 2019: workshop supply chain management 
4. 2020: final prototype
5. 2020: packaging design
6. 2021: getting ready for launch
7. 2021: fight single-use