Over 75% of the women we interviewed are not happy with the current period pads, what about you?

period-proof underwear
designed to

no more pads,

exceptional comfort,

everyday of the month,

wear them, wash them and do it again!



It took us more than one year to develop the miokoo EFCT-technology, a smart combination of innovative fabrics made in Europe with people and planet in mind. They are chique, efficient, and washable at the same time. And they look and feel just like your regular lingerie. European expertise that guarantees up to 12 hours of protection and can hold the equivalent of 6 tampons.

Voilà, a winning attitude starting with your underwear!


A second-skin feeling thanks to innovative fabrics made with qualitative future-proof materials, but without the toxic chemicals. It is not “an undie in an undie,” but underwear fully engineered for ultimate comfort and reliable efficiency. So no matter what you do, work, rest or play, at home, at work, or on the go. This undie is your ideal companion, 24/7.

Voilà, the ultimate, invisible solution for feminine body care!

How it works

Period proof underwear that will make your life easier! Imagine no more pads, less hassle, less stress, and no more worries. Your underwear does ALL the work, so you don’t have to.

The miokoo-undies have a functional core that replaces your usual hygienic protection, every day (and night) of the month. A smart combination of fabrics and fibers that enhances their performance.

You can wear them, wash them and do it again.

Voilà, up to you to #freeyourflow!


Bye-bye running to the toilet “just to be sure”


Bye-bye search expeditions in your purse to find that one pad you really need


Bye-bye worries about the chemicals in traditional pads


Bye-bye time lost while checking your stock at home, in your purse and all those other places


Bye-bye spending money on single-use items


Bye-bye bathroom bins filled up to the rim


We are here to make people smile.

We care about all who contribute to making the state-of-the-art miokoo underwear you are wearing. We work with people, we work with adults, we work with free individuals, and we treat them with dignity and respect.
We care about our fans and get up in the morning to bring an extra smile to you.


We believe in business as a force for good.
This belief is at the core of everything we do, not only for #smiling-people but also for a #happy-planet.
Our product development, fabrics and materials, packaging and processes are elaborated to have a limited impact on our planet.
We care about people and care about the planet, and believe it is the only way forward, and the right and the responsible way to act.

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we create a smile on the faces of our expert-makers.


we wear a state-of-the-art product with a limited impact on the planet.


we build a mutual relationship based on trust.


we fight period poverty and support young women throughout their eduction with miokoo’s      “EDUCATED & EMPOWERED.PERIOD.” – box


we are on a journey towards a more sustainable world.


we plan a beautiful after-life for our underwear to make sure it does not end up in landfill.