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Period-proof underwear

Period-proof underwear

Discover our miokoo period lingerie. With 5 unique models, we offer a solution for all women in all situations.
Thanks to the innovative four-layer technology, you can wear our underwear with confidence. Miokoo engineered the best period underwear on the market. Comfortable, healthy, reliable, ecological and sustainable.

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more absorbent than 5 tampons

machine washable at 40°C

fully certified OEKO-TEX 100

100% European product

How do you choose the right period-proof underwear?

More and more women are discovering menstrual underwear to manage their periods. The most important reasons to switch are their discretion, softness and absorbency. The 'period flow' is very personal and is often different every cycle as well. That’s not an issue at miokoo. Each miokoo model offers safe, healthy and comfortable protection, even for your first period, during pregnancy or (peri) menopause. Of course, the choice of model and size is important (available at miokoo from XXS to XXXL), but there are other criteria for choosing the right undie. Here are some tips:

Your period

How you menstruate and what you want to use the lingerie, is very personal. At miokoo we chose to combine super soft, innovative materials with combed cotton. These fabrics ensure a top performance in terms of absorption. Whether you lose a lot or little blood, with miokoo menstrual lingerie you make your life a lot easier, healthier and more comfortable.

Aesthetics and fit

Are you looking for a low-rise model, or a model that looks a bit sexier? Choose comfort, confidence and freedom with ultra soft fabrics that keep their fit and give you a safe feeling no matter what you do. Thanks to the technical know-how of our European fabric suppliers and the many years of couture experience of our Portuguese studio, you can choose from a timeless, elegant collection that is unique and different from the mass production abroad. Scroll through the different models and you will certainly find what you are looking for. Do you like a high waisted underwear? Then you can choose between Coco, Grace or Luna. If you prefer a low rise or a more classic cut? Fe or Janice is made for you. You can find every one's favourite at miokoo!

Why use period-proof underwear?

In 2014, the very first period underwear came on the market, and recently this type of underwear has become increasingly popular. When miokoo was founded in 2019, we chose to develop an absolute top product; a unique combination of elegance and reliability, with extremely high-quality materials and a thorough sense of social responsibility. Miokoo is happy to present a collection that is discreet, comfortable, hygienic and healthy. Not only for you as a user, but also for all our employees, and our planet. The soft, innovative fabrics combined with combed cotton protect you against leaks and the risk of infections. In short, a safe choice, now and for the future.

Why choose period-proof underwear with combed cotton?

Menstrual underwear also prevents Toxic Shock Syndrome, caused by wearing a tampon for too long. The use of sanitary pads and tampons can incite the spread of bacteria. These microorganisms secrete a toxin, which can then spread throughout the body through the bloodstream. Miokoo menstrual lingerie is the most reliable alternative for intimate protection. Each model in our collection is designed to absorb more than 5 tampons, an absorbency verified by an external lab. In addition, period-proof underwear is cheaper in the long term than conventional protection. At miokoo you also get a 3-year guarantee on your washable menstrual lingerie, but the panties can last up to years!

To make women's daily lives easier and to offer a reliable , high-quality solution that will last for years, every menstrual brief from miokoo consists of super soft, innovative materials combined with combed cotton. These hypoallergenic fabrics are super soft, adapt to your movements and keep you dry all day long. So, no more odours and no more annoying sanitary pads.


Our high-tech fabrics, together with the combed cotton, ensure easy-to-wash lingerie that keeps its shape and colour for years, even after many washing cycles at 40 °C. All materials – fabrics and elastics – used in our products are fully certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 2. A label that guarantees you absolute comfort, without the risk of coming into contact with chemicals that are harmful to your body.


Miokoo briefs are designed as a closed loop project: all the materials they consist of are chosen to enable recycling. Is your miokoo due for replacement? You can simply return your panties, we will ensure responsible processing. In exchange you will receive a miokoo voucher.

How do you use menstrual underwear?

Are you looking for an easier and healthier alternative for  your sanitary pads? Does using the menstrual cup seem too complicated to you? Or do you quickly suffer from irritation from a tampon or pad? Then you should not hesitate: period-proof underwear is the ideal solution.

Miokoo's have an exceptionally high absorption, so extra protection with a cup or a tampon might not be necessary. If you have a very heavy flow, we recommend using them as a backup on the heaviest day(s). All you have to do now is choose the model!


In the morning when getting dressed, you simply put on your miokoo. They’re period panties, but feel like normal underwear. Each miokoo model offers up to 12 hours of protection. After use, rinse your underwear and simply wash it in the machine (together with other dark colours). Then let it air dry.

What technology is used in miokoo period-proof underwear?

Miokoo's sustainable period panties are not like the other models on the market. The intelligent combination of soft, high-tech fabrics and elastics ensure a zero-waste approach. Every pair consists of four layers:


  • The first layer gives you a pleasantly dry feeling. This fabric is made of combed cotton and polyamide and dries super fast. It ensures rapid transfer of moisture to the absorbent second layer.
  • The second layer provides absorption and dries at record speed. This means that bacteria and odours don't stand a chance. This fabric consists of combed cotton, MicroModal and polyamide.
  • The third layer ensures that you have no leaks. This layer consists of the highly resistant PUL combined with Lyocell.
  • The last layer provides a comfortable fit and an absolutely luxurious feel. This fabric is made of polyamide and elastane.

Why do you choose miokoo lingerie?

It is often said that quality comes with a (higher) price tag. That is correct, but not if you calculate the cost per wear. With our menstrual lingerie you save a lot on your menstrual budget in the long term. At the first purchase, the price seems higher than that of traditional pads or the foreign brands, but
within 16 months you will see that it truly was a good investment. Compared to the disposable solutions and other menstrual underwear, miokoo lasts exceptionally long without losing its shape, elasticity or colour. With the purchase of a miokoo you also enjoy a warranty of up to 3 years, but if you take good care of them, they can last up to 7 years. Smartly invested in your own health, and therefore also in your bank account!


We consciously chose to make the period panties in a European workshop with many years of experience. Miokoo resolutely opts for quality and traceability. By choosing OEKO-TEX (Standard 100 class 2) certified fabrics, you can be sure that your miokoo does not contain any toxic chemicals. You are also carrying real European know-how, both in terms of materials and in terms of experience in couture. You don't have to worry about ethics either, everything is done with respect for our employees, at every step we take. Finally, if you want to replace your miokoo, you can send us back your worn (and washed) panties. We then ensure that it is responsibly processed.