About us
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“miokoo is the project where the pieces of my puzzle come together


>>> my drive to shine a light on less visible people, processes and issues

>>> my experience in innovation, transition and change

>>> my passion for positive impact

Even as a little girl, I was already the one questioning a lot of things. I had wild idealistic dreams, saw injustices around me, and wanted to fight them. This was regularly frowned upon, but it turned out to be one of my greatest strengths. I am a builder with a rebellious heart. I build things up from scratch or change them to get through different, more challenging, or transitory times. Being different, seeing things from another angle, wanting to set injustices straight, I used to think that these traits were a weighty burden to carry: but when I look back, these traits have made my life so much more exciting. They spiced up my adult years to bring me where I am now, building … again. And this time, it is a project where the pieces of my puzzle come together: my very own company built to change the world.

A company here to challenge the status-quo with


>>> a product that will change your life

>>> a purpose of fighting period poverty

>>> a pledge to help clear the plastic soup in our oceans, and

>>> operations that are ethical, ecological and circular.

All backed up with the firm belief that clothes and fashion are the ultimate change catalyst in (y)our power to create a better world.

With the softest fabrics, ultra-performant technology without toxic chemicals, fair labor practices, and built-in circularity, we make sure makers, users, and our planet benefit from what we do every day. We build the world’s best alternative to single-use pads. PERIOD.

With much love,

Kathleen Peers

founder & md

our pledges for people and planet

people matter

We care about our stakeholders, you as a user, and all those who contribute to making the state of the art miokoo underwear you are wearing. We believe everybody deserves the freedom and the right to reach his/her full potential in dignity and respect. Therefore, we commit to only work with free adults, that are correctly paid and to treat them with dignity and respect. We care about our makers, our users, and all our fans, and get up in the morning to bring an extra smile to all of you.

the planet matters

We believe in business as a force for good.This belief is at the core of everything we do, not only for smiling people but also for a happy planet. Our product development, fabrics and materials, packaging, and processes are elaborated to have a limited impact on our planet. We care about people and planet, believe it is the only way forward, and the right and responsible way to act.

mision & vision

We are in business to change the world.

We believe in business as a force for good.

We consider things from another angle, we are curious,

we dare to ask the difficult questions, think, and act differently, and we dare to dream.


Together with you and the rest of the miokoo-community, we are on a journey towards a more balanced world.

We consider business, products and life from different angles.

In the miokoo-world there are no corners related to gender, ethnicity, age, partner choice…

We boldly dream of a diverse world where every body can reach his/her full potential.


This is what you can expect from us @ miokoo:

1. You get state-of-the-art lingerie

2. We have a positive impact on people

3. We create a limited impact on our planet

4. We innovate and constantly aim for better

5. We fight period poverty

6. We protect our oceans and keep them clean



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