people matter

We care about our stakeholders, you as a user, and all those who contribute to making the state of the art miokoo underwear you are wearing.
We believe everybody deserves the freedom and the right to reach his/her full potential in dignity and respect. Therefore, we commit to only work with free adults, that are correctly paid and to treat them with dignity and respect.
We care about our makers, our users, and all our fans. And get up in the morning to bring an extra smile to all of you!

the planet matters

We believe in business as a force for good.
This belief is at the core of everything we do, not only for #smiling-people but also for a #happy-planet.
Our product development, fabrics, and materials, packaging, and processes are elaborated to have a limited impact on our planet.
We care about people and the planet, believe it is the only way forward, and the right and the responsible way to act.

promises matter

1. offer state of the art product
2. have positive impact on people
3. create limited impact on planet
4. innovate and constantly aim for better
5. fight period poverty
6. protect the oceans
7. fact check and test before we claim
8. value privacy and online identity

mission & vision matter


We are in business to change the world.
We believe in business as a force for good.
We consider things from another angle, we are curious, we dare to ask the difficult questions, think, and act differently, and we dare to dream.
Together with you and the rest of the miokoo-community, we are on a journey towards a more balanced world.

We consider business, products and life from different angles.
In the miokoo-world there are no corners related to gender, ethnicity, age, partner-choice … ;  we boldly dream of a diverse world where every body can reach his/her full potential.